Our most frequently asked questions are listed here. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us at info@atlantajuniorrollerderby.com

Where and when are practices for new skaters?

*From January to June, then August to November. Every Saturday morning from 9am to 11:30am
*All practices are held at our practice space – 281 Veterans Memorial Highway SE, Mableton, GA 30126

How much are dues?
Dues are $80 per month for each skater for league (Saturday) practices. Registration is $40 per season. There is a 10% discount for siblings.

When is the next orientation?
*********JANUARY 6th, 2024*********

Our season runs from January to June with open registration starting December 1st. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and check our home page for details.

What gear do I need?
To participate in Atlanta Junior Roller Derby, each skater is required to have the following safety gear:

* Helmet (properly rated for derby)
* Elbow pads
* Knee pads
* Wrist pads
* Mouthguard
* Quad roller skates

More detailed info can be found here: Equipment Checklist.

*We also have a lending library of gear to borrow before you buy*

Can I skate in roller blades?
Atlanta Junior Roller Derby practices and plays Flat Track Roller Derby. Flat Track Roller Derby is a QUAD roller skate-only sport. Roller blades are not allowed.

Who are the trainers?
The Atlanta Junior Roller Derby skaters are trained by a team of trainers, coaches, skaters, and roller derby experts from Atlanta Rollergirls, and coaches we bring in from various leagues. Each trainer is a proven expert in flat track roller derby and has undergone a thorough background check. And most of all, they love working with kids.

Our team of trainers, just like our skaters, draws people from diverse backgrounds. We know that our diversity is one of our strengths and it helps our trainers relate to a wide range of kids. Our mission is to introduce young ladies to the competitive sport of roller derby and to nurture self-confidence by developing teamwork and athletic ability while encouraging individuality within a culture of discipline and camaraderie.

I already know how to skate. Can I skip Level 1?
Roller skating is one thing, but skating to play roller derby is very different. We are serious about safety and want to ensure that all our skaters are properly prepared for each step of their roller derby journey. Skaters new to Atlanta Junior Roller Derby are required to begin in Level 1 and pass a skills assessment prior to joining Level 2.

How do I get on the AJRD Travel Team?
Practice practice practice! Our Travel Team skaters have been skating for several years and have worked very hard to get to where they are today. Many couldn’t skate when they first started out in roller derby. But, with patience and hard work, they were able to master many of the skills needed for roller derby.

Travel Team skaters are selected during a tryout process. Due to the nature of this team, not all players are given equal playing time. The top 15 skaters are selected for game day rosters. AJRD Travel Team skaters are also expected to participate in additional practices.

Who can join?
Atlanta Junior Roller Derby is open to female and non-binary identifying people of all skill levels, aged 10-18 years, that are interested in learning the sport of roller derby and working on skating and roller derby skills. We encourage skaters to skate as much as possible before the season starts so they can get right into the game.

What should I wear to practice?
The best clothes to wear during practice are somewhat form-fitting (no jogging or yoga pants) so as not to get caught in skates. If shorts are worn, leggings are highly encouraged to keep skaters from getting the dreaded “rink rash,” which happens when skaters slide on the concrete practice surface. This also helps keep skin from picking up dirt and other floor gunk.

Most skaters wear shorts, leggings or tights, socks, and t-shirts or some combination thereof. Jeans are strongly discouraged.

Where can I get my gear?
Come try our gear to make sure you like the sport and to also get the right sizing for equipment. But, if you just can’t wait ROLL ATL has all your needs covered!


572 Edgewood Avenue Southeast Unit 122 (Facing, Randolph St NE, Atlanta, GA 30312